State of Oregon, County of Lane, 88.


THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That the undersigned, a Minister of the Gospel by authority of a License bearing date the 6 day of March A.D. 1895, and issued by the County Clerk of the County of Lane did on the 10 day of March A. D. 1895, at the house of J. J. Poil (sic), Eugene in the County and State aforesaid join in lawful wedlock J. J. Poil of the county of Lane and the State of Oregon and Mila A. Poil of the County of Lane, and State of Oregon with their mutual assent.


In the presence of


Jennie C. Calder, Witnesses

Henry Smithson


Recorded:  March 11, 1895


A. C. Jenning, Clerk


By Deputy F. L. Gibbs


Scanned Document (PDF)

Marriage License #2: Mar 10, 1895
J. J. Poill and Mila Ann Eaton (Poill)

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Lane County, OR—Mar 10, 1895

John J. Poill
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Mar 6, 1895 - Marriage:

J. J. Poill &

Mila Ann Eaton



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